The suffering in East Africa

Sep 14, 2016

People in Uganda and other developing countries are sacrificing for us everyday.  I can't believe that in Uganda, Congo, Sudan and Rwanda have had 20 millions deaths in the last 20 years and still counting.

But it's the homeless children who are suffering the most. 

My friend, Christine Belrose  has been working with the Baby Torro home, and Kichamba Boys Family. She has been working with James a 26 year old, who was orphaned at 10 and now has taken in 32 boys.  His helps  them by installing solar panels giving them light and power.

This year I plan to take a trip to Africa myself to lend my help and my name to bring light to this inhuman travesty.

What so sad the the millions being killed  due the greed of the US companies.

Here are some pictures of the children I will be helping.   You can help out - it's easy - you can sign up for a free cruse by calling this number and I will donate fifty-cents per call to the children to Africa.

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